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Sky Power


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Sky Power

Some 130 000 seats on Airbus/Boeing/Embraer type aircraft are fitted with SKYpower. This innovative in-seat power supply system made by KID-Systeme, market leader for 110V AC technology, enables passengers to create their own working atmosphere by using laptops and PED’s during the flight. Airline customers worldwide take advantage of this cost effective technology.

is todays most innovative and comprehensive in-seat power and power management system available on the market. It guarantees 110V AC power for the passengers technical equipment such as notebooks. SKYpower offers high level system flexibility and supports the new enhanced cabin technology of Airbus Industry. RS-485 interfaces and Ethernet provide communication with IFE systems.

of the SKYpower system consists of a Master Control Unit (MCU), which feeds the power through five columns into the cabin. At the seat group level, power is distributed from the In-Seat Power Supply Converters (ISPCs) to the outlet units.

fully accepted and approved KIDs in-seat power technology. The system meets highest passenger expectations and aircraft safety
standards. The system is certified by FAA/EASA. The type certificate approval has been granted to the entire Airbus program and several Boeing Linkfit programs such as B777-200/300 and B737-800. Various retrofit installations on Boeing/Airbus/Embraer type aircraft are completed including FAA/EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).